Krishna Mohan Avancha

Krishna Mohan Avancha stands as a literary luminary with a staggering repertoire of 100+ books under his pen, spanning various genres and captivating readers worldwide. His exceptional ability to delve into a wide array of subjects, coupled with his distinctive narrative style, has solidified his position as a versatile and accomplished author. In the realm of non-fiction, Avancha’s works offer insightful glimpses into the intricacies of human behavior and personal growth. His celebrated titles such as “Veni Vidi Vici” and “Duh: One-Second Rule to Become a Superhuman” exemplify his penchant for exploring the realms of success, productivity, and self-mastery. Through meticulous research and engaging prose, Avancha imparts practical wisdom that empowers readers to navigate the challenges of modern life. Avancha’s creative prowess extends to the world of poetry, where he takes readers on an evocative journey through verses that touch upon the profundities of existence. “A Long Road to Go” stands as a testament to his ability to capture the nuances of human emotions, dreams, and aspirations through the art of poetry. Diving into the realm of crime fiction, Avancha crafts narratives that intrigue and captivate. Works such as “True Crime” and “Silent Shadows” showcase his mastery in weaving intricate plots, building suspense, and exploring the darker facets of human nature. His crime fiction resonates with readers who seek thrilling and intellectually stimulating stories. In the realm of fiction, Avancha’s storytelling prowess shines through works like “The Family: An Introduction.” With a keen eye for character development and narrative depth, he constructs intricate fictional worlds that mirror the complexities of real life, inviting readers to delve into the lives and minds of his characters.

Books By Krishna Mohan Avancha

Homeopathy with TATA 1mg

By: Krishna Mohan Avancha

Homeopathy with TATA 1mg: Bridging Tradition with Innovation In his 126th book and 5th installment in homeopathy, renowned practitioner Krishna Mohan Avancha unveils a groundbreaking exploration into the synergy between traditional

Homeo-Hilarity: : A Humorous Guide to Homeopathy

By: Krishna Mohan Avancha

Get ready to laugh your way to better health with "Homeo-Hilarity"! In this uproarious yet insightful guide to homeopathy, renowned author Krishna Mohan Avancha takes you on a side-splitting journey


By: Krishna Mohan Avancha

Cracking the Past life regression therapy is built upon the idea that we’re eternal beings that move from one life to another in different place and time.
LifeUnKnoth Homeopathy